Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st Day of Pre-K

The 1st day of pre-k brought a lot of emotions. 
Excitement for a new school, new teacher and getting to wear uniforms but emotional for our baby to be going to such a big school. 
We went to "Meet the Teacher" the day before school began and thanks to pinterest, made her a cute 1st day of school gift. 

The 1st day -
Both Justin and I took her on the 1st day, she was so excited and so brave!

Before school, we stopped for a pancake breakfast at our favorite place, John's Cafe

Her sweet teacher, Ms. McNamara
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seaside 2012

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Summer List - recap

I know it's October... Mid October... and I'm just now updating the blog with summer posts, but better late than never... right?!? Thanks for understanding ;)

Below are pics from our Summer's Fun List. I didn't photographic every activity, but below are some highlights. 

Lots and lots of swimming

Water Balloon fights

Stalking the Entice truck for sno-cones

Uptown Trolley with friends



Super fun summer camps

Ennis - Galaxy Drive-in Theater
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th of July

We had a fun filled 4th! 

Our morning started off with sweet friends at the Lakewood parade.

My favorite float of the parade

Later in the day, we went to Lakewood Country Club to enjoy the beautiful fireworks display. 

sweet Charlotte sharing her glow bracelets with friends

Lakewood always has a fantastic show! 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer List

This is our 2nd summer to create a "fun list" of things to do.
 Some items are really simple, like - movie night, but nonetheless, are things that we set out and plan to accomplish during our few months off to make Charlotte's summer extra special. 

However, Justin took it a step further this year... Those that know us well can laugh because the picture below captures (to a T) our personalities: Summer Goals vs. Summer Fun List

Justin has promised our sweet girl that if she meets the goals listed that she can have a "special big surprise" at the end of the summer. 
(maybe a swing set - shhhhhh!)

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Dance Recital

Charlotte loves ballet... I'm mean really LOVES ballet!

She has taken dance since she could barely walk with Ms. Holly. We started in a class that was called "Mommy & Me" and my how she's grown!

We all think Ms. Holly is the Bee's Knees. She is so fun and encouraging! Such a wonderful role model for our sweet Char. 

Charlotte dances everyday. Not everyday with Ms. Holly (she would if we'd let her) but at home. And not always ballet, but sometimes hip-hop, sometimes Irish-step dance (I think Elmo taught her that one), and sometimes a creation of all of the above. 

Below is a pic of her at home at "the barre" (aka: broom)

Naturally, she was thrilled to participate in her ballet recital.
This year, she performed 3 dances: ballet, hip-hop and jazz - with costume changes in between. 
Our little ballerina did great! We love watching her do something that she loves!

The famous - Ms Holly

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The end of Preschool

Our little one has graduated from preschool!

It's crazy that she's already been in school for 3 years, but those 3 years have been wonderful! She's learned so much and made so many sweet friends.  

It's hard to believe that it has come to an end and in only 7 (much too short) weeks will begin a new school adventure. I keep trying to slow down the clock but it's not working!

End of school performance - Skillman

 End of school party

End of school performance - Spanish House

                                    1st day of Skillman  (9/09)                              1st day of Spanish House (8/10)

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